Trung Quan – Nghieng


Nghiêng – leaning, tilted, askew. A state of imbalance.

Though singing about loss and heartbreak, Trung Quan bellows as if stating a war cry. This visual treatment aims to reflect the idiosyncrasy apparent throughout the song’s lyrics and its delivery. Each set-up, every frame was composed with a sense of disorder. Yet, enwrapping it all within a calming equilibrium. A stabilized symmetry.



Produced by: Khac Hung

Music Producer: Huyen Sambi
Lyrics: Huyen Sambi
Executive Producer: Tuấn Andrew Nguyễn
Producer: Minh Hieu
Director: Nguyen Hoang Quan
Assistant Director: Diem Phuong

Supporting Actress: Diem Phuong

Director of Photography: Phunam
Camera Operator: Le Huy
Art Director: Dinh Phong
Choreography and dance: Doan Vu Minh Tu

Stylist: Quang Kao
Makeup Artist: Cong Tang Ton Nu Thuan Nhu

Production Assistant: Nguyen Duy Khang

Lighting & Equipment: PS Vietnam
Editing: Nguyen Hoang Quan/Erik Truong
Efx  & Color: Erik Truong

Music Playback: Erik Truong
BTS Photographer – Cuong Do