Van Hugo – Single Mom


In support of all single parents, this music video “Single Mom” is Van Hugo’s emotional declaration to her son that even though the father is not in the picture, her son will still have all the love and support that he needs. It is a poignant and heartfelt promise that Van Hugo makes as she sings, that she will play the role of both Father and Mother, Provider and Nurturer. This music video features Van and her son in intimate and cozy scenes, as well as the unique bond that they have. These moments are juxtaposed with ones that show Van Hugo’s vulnerabilities, and the solitude that very often accompanies single parenthood, yet she sets it aside and enjoys togetherness with her Son. It is a personal statement that is universal in spirit.




Executive Producer – Tuấn Andrew Nguyễn

Producer – Minh Hieu

Assistant of Producer – Minh Xuan

Director – Phunam

Director of Photography – Phunam

Camera Operators – Phunam, Huy Le, Thanh Van Hugo

Assistant of Cameraman – Huy Le

Assistant of Production – Nguyen Duy Khang

Makeup Artist – Tan Khai

Wardrobes: B Store

Lighting & Equipment – TPG Films

Editing – Ba Nhan

Colorist – Erik Truong

Intro logo design – Ba Nhan

BTS Photographer – Tran Thanh Tung

Locatioln Driver – Tran Thanh Tung

Locations – Mui Ne Sea Horse Resort/ L’usine Coffee

Baby sitter – Thao Linh

Music Playback – Ba Nhan

Music: Duc Anh Hugo

Vietnamese lyrics: Duc Anh Hugo

English lyrics: Thanh Van Hugo

Produced by Manh Bin