The making of Nhip Dap Giac Mo

Nhip Dap Giac Mo – Hoang Thuy Linh


The song title, loosely translated into English, means The Rhythm of Dreams, and hence the natural inclination was to combine a subtle, dreamlike atmosphere with lots of sensual dance moves. After searching all over town for the perfect spot, we finally found an entire empty floor at the top of a shopping mall complex and molded the concept around the area. Floating boxes, floating jewelry, dancing queens appearing out of nowhere. Fun!

Aside the pure enjoyment of the shooting, Hoang Thuy Linh originally approached TPG with quite a vision for this project. It was not simply making a music video, but to build a whole PR campaign to launch her professional singing career. Aside from the video as the main attraction, the project included one teaser clip, behind-the-scenes mini-webisodes, magazine articles and more. This project had a huge impact on the landscape of music video production in Vietnam, encouraging more and more artists to note the importance of music videos as both a visualisation of their music, as well as an important promotional tool for their image.

Thanks to Lizel Laser and Ambitious Alex of Kaba Modern Legacy for the choreography. Also big thanks to Vinamation for help with efx.