My Kool Viet Nam – Thanh Bui


Our first collaboration with the great team at Soul Entertainment and the super talent behind the operation, Thanh Bui, begins with an uplifting tune about the little charming moments one captures in memory as they travel through this extraordinary place. Having placed on Australian Idol, Thanh Bui is a musical force to be reckoned with. Stay tuned for more.

During the shoot, we were able to capture Thanh, a.k.a. Dr. Thanh, performing an acoustic version of the song as he was warming up for that day’s shoot. Check the magic…

Director – Phunam
Producer – Tuan Andrew Nguyen
Actor – Thanh Bui
Supporting Actor – Thanh Hang
Director of Photography – Phunam
Line Producer / 1st A.D – Nguyen Hoang Quan
Camera Operator – Nguyen Nhat Nam
Camera Assitant – Duc Nguyen
Kite Master – Nguyen Thanh Van
BTS Photographer – Tran Thanh Tung
Locations Driver – Tran Thanh Tung
Editor – Tuan Andrew Nguyen
Colorist – Phunam