Show Me – Minh Hang


This music video was imagined as a fashion photo shoot pushed to the edge of beauty into the realm of the rhythmic and hypnotic. Working with fashion designer, Nguyen Thanh Cong, we created a line of distortion through the fashion and style of Minh Hang… and yet there were still some outfits that didn’t make it into the final music video.

Director – Tuan Andrew Nguyen
Producer – Nguyen Bich Tra
Actor – Minh Hang
Director of Photography – Phunam
Stylist – Nguyen Thanh Cong
Makeup – Minh Loc
Dance Choreographer – Hoang Ngoc Tu
Dance Crew – Hoang Thong
Featured Dancer 1 – Hoang Ngoc Tu
Featured Dancer 2 – Nguyen Dang Thu
Featured Dancer 3 – MC Buck
Studio – S3 Studios
Art Department – Matt Lucero + XP + Khang
Lighting and Equipment – PS Lighting
1st Camera Operator – Phunam
2nd Camera Operator – Nguyen Nhat Nam
3rd Camera Operator – Tuan Andrew Nguyen
BTS Photography – Phunam & Nguyen Nhat Nam
Editor – Tuan Andrew Nguyen
Colorist – Phunam