Behind the scenes of Lai Lan Nua.

Lai Lan Nua – Hoang Thuy Linh


For this beautiful R&B ballad of heartaches, who’s title translates into “Yet Again”, TPG created an extremely simple visual look to go along with a subtle narrative. Long, cinematic takes and beauty shots flow effortlessly with the emotional melody.


It is the diverse breadth of images that signify and portray the inherent and awesome strength of women throughout history that breathes the air of inspiration into this music video.

The mother, the lover, the rebel, the sensual and sexual provocateur, the compassionate protector, the fighter and the forgiver, are all imbued into an ironic and nuanced collapsing of the Madonna’s of past and pop that plays the consuming chord that resonates through this abstract visual narrative.

Thanks to artist Le Nhat Thanh for the beautiful backdrop painting.