High – Hoang Thuy Linh


Our team at TPG thought that the best way to honor such a groovy rhythm was to create a music video that had dance from beginning to end. What better narrative than a 1980’s inspired dance battle between the boyz and the girlz. So with two of the top hip-hop choreographers in Viet Nam, we gathered some of the coolest dancers in Saigon and worked it with camera choreography. Yes, a 1-take dance battle MV…

Producer/Director – Tuan Andrew Nguyen
Director of Photography – Phunam
Choreography – Alexander Tú & Hà Lê
Dancers – Thu, Boo, Jessica, Ly, Minh, Woan, Hai, Ha Le & Alexander Tu
Stylist – Meo Meo
Makeup Artist – Triển Lương
Production Manager – Nguyen Xuan Phuong

1st A.C – Phuong Ngoc Focus
Steadicam Operator – Phunam
Lighting & Equipment – PS Vietnam
Efx – Matt Lucero
Color – Phunam
BTS Photographer – Matt Lucero

Production Assistant – Nguyen Duy Khang
Music Playback – Mai Huy

Produced by: Lưu Thiên Hương, SlimV
Lyrics: Thanh Bùi
Arrangement: Cao Vịnh (SlimV)
Mix: Long Halo
Studio: Cuti’s Studio