Behind the scenes of Dung Boi Roi.
Teaser trailer for Dung Boi Roi.

Dung Boi Roi – Phuong Vy


This project has been a long time coming for both parties. TPG and Phuong Vy have tried to connect for several occasions before but for many reasons nothing has come through until this Music Video. And we’re glad that it happened. Phuong Vy was such a joy to work with. A natural performer who can switch on at any moment and just light up the scene.

The video concept was built around the contrast in the song’s lyrics and arrangements; with the verses containing a lot of angst and frustration while the chorus is filled with optimism and happiness. So a slightly schizophrenic character, as well as opposing environments, was designed for Phuong Vy to play with.

Special thanks to Sven Lippold for cinematography & Thu V for the title design.